Making a "go Bag" Before you Flee

Many people have no way to leave an abusive relationship other than to flee. If you are in one of these situations, consider first packing a “go bag” with your essentials. Keep the bag somewhere easy for you to access but safe from theft, such as in a locked safe, hidden closet, at a friend’s house, or trunk of your car. In the bag, you should have the essentials you cannot live without or feel it would be hard to replace.

Some documents to gather may include birth certificates, social security cards, marriage/divorce papers, child custody paperwork, medical records, car titles, insurance documents, tax records, and address books.

If you have anything traceable, such as phones or cards, consider destroying or leaving those items behind. If you are able, change some everyday items to that of prepaid, disposable, or replaceable items before you leave. Such items to switch may include smart phones to prepaid phones, and credit cards to prepaid cards or cash. If you do not feel comfortable switching your phone, make sure the location services are off.

Try to keep backups of essential items, like that of clothing, hygiene, or keys. Try to not take more than you can handle, but rather those items you know would make the transition easier. If you have keepsakes or sentimental items that are easily kept, try to make room for them as they can be vital to mental health and strength.

If you don’t feel comfortable or safe reaching out to someone you know, call local domestic violence resources, hotlines, or crisis lines such as 988 (National Suicide and Crisis Hotline) or the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada Family Violence Prevention Program’s 24-hour statewide hotline at 775-722-8794.

Information sourced from https://www.loveisrespect.org/resources/how-to-make-a-go-bag-when-leaving-an-abusive-relationship/